Ten Tips for Blended Practicals

Practical Engineering Education activities, that usually involve interaction with equipment, presented a significant challenge to adapt for remote delivery during the suspension of face to face teaching. The department of Multidisciplinary Engineering Education (MEE) have led the discussion about Remote Practicals in the Learning and Teaching community, publishing papers and being invited to present at numerous, high profile webinars.

With restrictions on higher education being partially lifted, many institutions worldwide intend to offer blended learning, prioritising in-person activities that are troublesome to deliver online, such as practicals. Social distancing measures are reducing capacity and placing increased pressure on space, creating a need to optimise limited time students have in the lab and strategies to determine which activities can best utilise this limited resource. Time is constrained and solutions are needed to meet these demands.

I’m delighted to present this publication, in which MEE have utilised their experiences in practical teaching to provide ideas for blended practicals which maximise students’ learning and experiences within the envelope of available resources. It is densely packed with practicable tips that can be implemented in most institutions for most practicals. 

Download the preprint here:

I sincerely hope you find some of it helpful. 

The file is currently hosted on Google drive until the pre-print server generates a DOI.

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